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If you have what it takes, earning a computer science degree is a terrific step for your education and future career.

Not everyone is cut out to enroll as a computer science major. The classes can be hard, the classroom competition tough, and the required prerequisite courses in math are no picnic either. But if you have the aptitude and desire to do it, it can be a great choice.

If you worried that information technology coursework, especially at the junior and senior year levels, might be too difficult for you, you can always consider veering off a bit into another field like web design. While web design does involve learning software and technology, you won't need to become a master coder if you don't want to. There are areas of web design that involve graphic design or marketing more than they do technical specifics and coding. Find out more about web design classes and programs.

And once you decide upon a college path in IT, where are you going to go to college? Most good-sized cities have one or more schools with Information Technology degree programs. For example, a city such as Cleveland will have several good schools you should be able to choose from.

And if you live in a big state such as Texas, you not only have options within just your city, but in other cities around the state. Explore education options in Texas.

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