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While some students are comfortable with advanced math classes and computer science coursework, others may struggle somewhat (or even a lot) with these type of classes. Some students instead choose to switch from an information technology major to a business major with a concentration in information management. These degrees will often be a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree rather than a Bachelor of Science degree that a computer science degree would have. These degrees are still highly marketable, they just don't require the student to dive so deep into the technology end of the field. Learn more about these information management degree programs.

You could also just switch completely from an IT degree to a business degree. You could go after a degree in management, finance, marketing or general business administration.

There has been a rise in students enrolling in criminal justice programs too. Besides training for local law enforcement positions, criminal justice programs can also help prepare graduates to take on positions in federal law enforcement agencies as well as in legal offices, both private and in the government. See which schools in your area have such programs.

California is one of the best states to study culinary arts in. There are several good schools around the state in cities such as San Francisco and greater Los Angeles.
Enrollment is going up at most Washington State colleges as students enroll there because of the employment possibilities after graduation.
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Information technology schools find private colleges and training classes.
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